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With a little learning, you too can prolong the life of your fur. Andriana Furs has the professional knowledge and experience to give our customers the best insight into all types of furs and accessories. We combine our years of fur sales with our top-rated remodeling, restoration, repair, and storage expertise to give your furs a beautiful, long-lasting lifespan full of style and elegance.

And, our services don’t stop when you walk out the door.

Our invaluable advice and sound fur maintenance tips stay with you even in your own home. The dedicated staff members at Andriana Furs will not only teach you how to select the best furs and fur lined garments or accessories, but also educate you on proper ownership, better fur care, and the best way to accessorize for a fresh, modern look that is timeless and elegant.

Call, come in, or see the links below to learn more about the fur industry’s most important topics, and learn how Andriana Furs can provide the best insight into each one:

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