Why Fur Isn't Off-Limits in the Summer

Think you can’t wear fur in Chicago in the summer? Think again! While a fur coat is usually too hot in the summer heat, you can still complement your seasonal summertime look with fur. Whether you have a classic aesthetic, like to look like you’ve just stepped off the runaway, or are going for an edgier off-beat look, fur can turn your summertime wardrobe into something truly unique.

Being Fashionable Is About Being Unexpected

Do you want to make a fashion statement? Then break the fashion “rules”. Wearing a touch of fur during the summer is an unexpected element that can make your everyday summer look appear edgy and runway-ready. Even a more classic, streamlined outfit will look more elegant with a bit of fur. Remember, if you only stick to the seasonal template, you’ll never stick out. Be adventurous by making a statement with fur.

Accessories Aren’t Season-Bound

Luxury furs don’t stop at fur coats and fur capes. You can find a variety of accessories made with fur, including fur hats, fur handbags, fur vests, and even fur-trimmed high heels. These options are a great way to produce a unique look without the excess warmth of a fur coat or jacket. Plus, they can add a touch of glamor to your wardrobe at any time of the year. When choosing a fur vest, look for a short knit design that allows additional airflow, rather than a vest with a thick lining. That way, you can stay feeling cool and looking cool in your summertime furs.

Fur Gives You a Cool Look During the Evening Chill

During the late summertime, the afternoons can be hot and sunny—but when the sun sets, a chill can set in that you’re not prepared for with your current summer wardrobe. Bring along a light fur cape or vest when you plan to be out late on summer nights. Rather than shivering in your spaghetti straps, you’ll look fashionably prepared in fur.

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