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What Kind of Fur Is Right for You?

Buying a new luxury fur in Chicago is an exciting experience, but it should not be an impulse buy. Consider your purchase an investment. With the right care and maintenance, it can become a family ...
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Caring for and Repairing Your Fur Coat

Fur coats, fur capes, and other luxury furs can be valuable keepsakes and family heirlooms if they are properly cared for. To preserve the lifespan of your furs and maintain their value, you will want ...
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Choosing Fur Accessories

If you own fur coats in Chicago, the approach of fall and winter probably fills you with excitement for wearing your furs. Once you get your furs out of cold storage, you may want to pick up some fur ...
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Questions to Ask about Fur Storage

Placing your furs in fur storage is one of the best ways to ensure that your costly furs last a lifetime or even longer. When the weather is too warm to continue wearing your fur coats, preserve them ...
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