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Choosing a Fur-lined Raincoat or Raincoat Parka for Winter

With winter here, that means the temperatures have dropped and rainy days have begun. With the changing weather, you need a fur-lined raincoat (a full length garment) or fur-lined raincoat parka (a ...
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Get Two Coats In One! Reversible Fur Coats and Fur Jackets

Winter is the best time of year to have a comfortable and stylish fur coat or fur jacket to keep you warm in Chicago. Picking a fur coat or fur jacket is all up to you, your purpose, your budget and ...
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Taking a Closer Look at Fox Fur

Fox fur coats, which had once waned in popularity, have made a dramatic comeback. With distinctive coloring, long fur, and easy maintenance, fox fur coats in Chicago are in demand. If you’re ...
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Fur Storage 101

It is very important that you put your fur coats, capes, accessories, and other luxury furs into fur cold storage in Chicago as the weather becomes warmer. Without proper storage, your furs may become ...
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Which Classic Fur Style Is Right for You?

Looking to buy a fur coat in Chicago ? There are many different styles of fur coats available to fit any fashion preference—some are hip and trendy, others follow designer runway looks, and even ...
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How to Wear a Fur Vest

Are you ready to add a touch of elegance and flair to your winter, spring or fall wardrobe? Chicago’s fur accessories, such as a fur vest, can be both practical and fashionable solutions to any ...
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Why Incorporate Fur into Your Wardrobe?

Fur sale in Chicago continues to increase in popularity. Fur coats, jackets, and capes now come in a wide range of lengths, styles, and colors. When you buy fur, you can completely customize your ...
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The Hottest Trends in Fur Today

With each new year, there are new fashion industry trends for wearing fur in Chicago. If you have fur coats or fur accessories that you would like to update in order to keep up with the most current ...
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The Early History of Fur in Fashion

If you own fur coats or other luxury furs in Chicago, you might be interested in learning more about the history of fur. Humans first began wearing clothing made out of animal pelts and fur about ...
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Choosing a Flattering Coat Length

Before you hit the seasonal fur sales in search of a new fur coat in Chicago, you should decide which coat length is the most flattering for you. Fur coats are typically available in cropped, ...
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Examining Some Popular Types of Fur

If you’re interested in luxury furs near Chicago, you may be interested in the current fur coat trends for this season. Each different type of fur creates a beautiful, distinctive fur coat, fur ...
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Why You Should Insure Your Valuable Fur

If you own valuable luxury furs, such as fur capes, fur accessories, or fur coats in Chicago, you should insure them. Insuring your luxury furs will protect your investment should your furs become ...
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A Look at Classic Fur Styles

A good quality fur is durable and timeless. Fur is a wonderful option to show off your high-end, luxurious style, as many fur styles are considered classic. If you are interested in what the classic ...
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A New Fur for Every Season

Throughout history, many have thought fur is only acceptable for formal occasions. Luckily, this is not the case. Fur can be found on runways year round from Milan to New York. They are being ...
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How to Decide Which Length Fur is Best for Me

Getting a new fur is a wonderful feeling. Not only are they chic, but also extremely comfortable. If you are looking to purchase a new fur coat in Chicago, but do not know what length would be best ...
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Top Reasons to Wear Fur

Fur has been a symbol of status and luxury throughout history. Both timeless and beautiful, a good fur can add value and style to your life. If you are about to experience another winter without a fur ...
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The Surprising Benefits of Fur Ownership

Wearing fur coats is a great way to stay warm and stylish in the cold weather of Chicago. But owning fur capes or fur coats in Chicago is about more than just fashion and status. Owning and wearing ...
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What Can Happen to Your Fur If It Is Improperly Stored?

Now that winter is over, it is time to store your fur coat away for next year. As an owner of luxury furs in Chicago, you know the importance of proper storage for the longevity of your furs. Because ...
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Deciphering Different Types of Furs [INFOGRAPHIC]

When you are looking for a way to stay warm without skimping on style or luxury, consider investing in a fur. Luxury furs exude class and sophistication, and can be passed down through generations ...
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How to Maintain the Color of Your Fur

If you own a fur coat in Chicago, you know that over time, the fur can lose its shine and color. Luckily, with some care and consideration, you can keep your fur’s color looking like new. There ...
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Breaking Down the Basics of Fur Storage

If you own luxury furs in Chicago, you understand the importance of finding a fur cold storage facility. Properly storing your furs in the warmer months is essential to preserve their lifespan and ...
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What Kind of Fur Is Right for You?

Buying a new luxury fur in Chicago is an exciting experience, but it should not be an impulse buy. Consider your purchase an investment. With the right care and maintenance, it can become a family ...
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Caring for and Repairing Your Fur Coat

Fur coats, fur capes, and other luxury furs can be valuable keepsakes and family heirlooms if they are properly cared for. To preserve the lifespan of your furs and maintain their value, you will want ...
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Choosing Fur Accessories

If you own fur coats in Chicago, the approach of fall and winter probably fills you with excitement for wearing your furs. Once you get your furs out of cold storage, you may want to pick up some fur ...
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How Are Fur Coats Cleaned?

Fur coats are durable and remarkably long wearing, but they are also easily damaged if not properly cared for. When it comes to fur cleaning, your best option is to have your fur garments ...
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