Fur Storage & Repairs in Chicago

Fur Storage in Chicago

A beautiful fur will never go out of style. When stored and cared for properly, furs can last for generations. Even if a piece has been damaged or lost its shine, professional fur repairs can restore it to like-new condition. Andriana Furs is dedicated to helping you preserve, maintain, and restore your fine furs to keep them looking and feeling pristine. We offer a variety of services that include fur coat alterations, fur care and cleaning, fur repairs, and fur cold storage in Chicago.

How Storage Affects Your Furs

Furs require careful maintenance to retain their original quality. It is these qualities that make each fur so unique and desirable. Proper storage requires controlled temperature and humidity, as well as the right storage techniques to ensure your furs retain their luster, texture, and integrity.

Texture: Regardless of its age, proper storage is a necessity to help a fur retain its original texture. Storage in an area that is too humid or warm will cause the fur and leather to lose their natural oils, resulting in a garment that is stiffer and more likely to shed. Furs that are stored in plastic will also become stiff and more likely to lose guard hairs.

Color: Sunlight can cause fading over time, which will affect the color of your fur. It is not recommended to store furs in see-through containers or in areas where they will be subject to sunlight.

Storage Technique: It is highly recommended that you always store your fur with a reputable furrier who will keep it in a temperature and humidity controlled vault designed especially for storage of furs. A home cedar closet or cool basement with a dehumidifier can never replace proper storage in a furrier’s vault.

Common Fur Repairs

Learning the most common types of repairs and why they are necessary can help you take steps to spot damage early on (when it is most easily repaired), as well as avoid the need for fur repairs. If you need fur repairs in Chicago, contact Andriana Furs today by calling (773) 779-7000.

  • Rips and tears are the most common types of fur repairs. Take care when wearing your fur and be aware of your surroundings to avoid catching your garment. Armhole tears are most often caused by sitting on the garment, so make sure to lift your coat as you sit down.
  • Bald or bare spots occur when hairs are lost from the pelt. One of the most common causes for this type of fur repair is stress to the coat from a shoulder bag. Avoid wearing bags with straps with your fur—always carry your bag in your hand. Improper storage can also cause a fur to dry out and lose hairs from the pelt.

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  • Over 30 Years of Experience - Chicago's Number-One Furrier Since 1987
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  • On-Site Temperature and Humidity-Controlled Storage Vault and Fur Factory
  • All Fur Repairs, Restyling and Cleanings and are done on Our Premises
  • We Accept Trade-Ins of Unwanted Fur Coats Toward the Purchase of a New Fur

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