Purchasing Furs: Things You Should Know

For centuries, fur has remained a recognized symbol of luxury and class. Today, furs are appropriate for cold or warm weather wear; fur is also a renewable and biodegradable resource. At Andriana Furs, our fur professionals can help you select exactly the right fur garment for you. Our services also include fur repairs, fur cold storage, fur restoration, and fur remodeling in Chicago to help you protect your valuable investment.

The Making of a Fur Coat

Fur garments are still made largely by hand to ensure quality and aesthetics. Although fur coat construction techniques have been improved over time, they are still reminiscent of traditional methods.

  • No two fur pelts are the same and, as such, each set of furs that will become a complete coat must be carefully examined and selected to ensure a cohesive look when the garment is finished.
  • Pelts are typically cut into squares or strips before they are laid out and sewn together into a coat. During processing, furs are cut and sewn in such a way as to maximize the usable area of each pelt, reducing waste and lowering the number of furs required for each garment.
  • Once the coat is complete, it is tumbled to remove any loose hairs, then lined for comfort and structural stability before it is ready for sale.

Tips for Purchasing Furs

Purchasing a fur is a very personal decision. There are a wide variety of fur garments and fur styles for sale; choosing the right fur will depend on your personal preferences, as well as how you plan to wear your fur.

  • Many factors will affect the final price of your fur. If you are working on a budget, talk to your furrier about the quality and price of each piece you are considering to ensure you get the highest quality at your price point. .
  • There is no substitute for viewing fur garments side by side. Never buy fur online—always visit a furrier to examine their products in person to get a good sense of the texture, cut, weight, and style of any fur you are considering.

Are you looking for luxury furs near Chicago? You can reach Andriana Furs by calling (773) 779-7000 for more information about fur sales, fur storage, and fur care.

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