Elegant Fur Accessories in Chicago, IL

Andriana Furs in Chicago, IL is excited to announce that we are celebrating our 30th anniversary.   As many have come to know over the years, we offer so much more than just fur coats.  We house a wide variety of gorgeous fur accessories that will accent any ensemble and instantly elevate your outfit for any occasion. Our furriers stay up to date on the latest fashion trends, so you can feel confident that one of our experienced fur specialists will help you mix and match your accessories for a modern, elegant look.  We enjoy educating and working closely with our clients, encouraging them to feel the various types of furs we carry, to try on every garment, and provide expert recommendations on accessorizing your closet with furs that best suit their tastes, luxuriating in the fur experience.

Our fur specialists at Andriana Furs are true experts in the fur industry.  We know you are making a meaningful investment, and we always endeavor to ensure, when you walk out of our showroom, that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.  Our large inventory and variety of fur accessories make it easy and enjoyable to complete your ensemble.

Finish Off Your Look

A fur coat is often bought as a stand-alone piece.  But most consumers are not aware of how many different types of fur accessories there are to choose from.  We sell hats, gloves, shawls, capes, wraps, earmuffs, and so much more.   Adding fur accessories to your ensemble are a great way to add a hint of luxury to your outfit without focusing solely on the fur.  Moreover, fur accessories can be worn in any season, making it easy for you to get year-round use of your fur purchases.  Stop in at Andriana Furs and let us help you create a cohesive fashion statement that screams elegance and glamour.

Innovative And Unique Accessories

At Andriana Furs, our focus is providing our clients with products that they love to wear. That’s why we consistently update our inventory of fur accessories to include the latest fashionable and luxurious pieces.

Our selection of fur accessories includes (but not limited to):

  • Hats: Add a final touch to your outfit and protect your hair and head from the elements.
  • Gloves: Soft and warm fur and fur-trimmed gloves keep your hands warm during the colder months.
  • Scarves: Enjoy the feeling of soft fur around your neck to complete your winter fashion statement.
  • Shawls: A fur shawl allows you to enjoy the feeling of a fur coat when you don’t need the full coverage of a coat.
  • Wraps: Fur wraps can also be used during the fall and won’t make you feel overheated.
  • Capes: Stand out from the crowd with a beautiful and unique fur cape.
  • Cell phone holders: Protect your electronic devices and add a touch of class to your everyday wardrobe.
  • Purses: Fur purses add a luxurious quality to your outfit even in the summertime.
  • Earmuffs: A hat-hair-free alternative to berets and beanies. Suit up with a pair of warm earmuffs to survive the big chill.
  • Collars: Wear fur collar and cuffs as a funky headband for a versatile appeal.
  • Slippers & Boots: Slip your feet into ultimate comfort with a pair of fur slippers or boots.

Come in or give us a call to speak with one of our knowledgeable furriers and we will share with you all the accessories we have in stock (even those we may not currently have but can order for you).  We love what we do and always accommodate our customers in finding the right fur accessories for their needs.

In addition to offering fur garments and accessories, we can also repair or store your fur.  Find the piece of your dreams, restore a long-loved classic, or preserve your garment in humidity and climate-controlled environment at Andriana Furs.  Visit our fur salon in Chicago, IL, today!

Come, visit our showroom in Chicago or call us today to help beautify your wardrobe for every season!


Why Andriana Furs?

  • Over 30 Years of Experience - Chicago's Number-One Furrier Since 1987
  • We Have the Largest Selection of Furs, Shearlings, Cashmeres & Leathers in Chicagoland
  • We Are Recognized Around the World as a Premiere Destination for Furs
  • On-Site Temperature and Humidity-Controlled Storage Vault and Fur Factory
  • All Fur Repairs, Restyling and Cleanings are done on Our Premises
  • We Accept Trade-Ins of Unwanted Fur Coats Toward the Purchase of a New Fur

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