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Sell Your Fur at the Right Price

Andriana Furs provides fur appraisals in Chicago, IL. Our experienced furriers will examine your fur pieces entirely in order to provide you with an accurate price value. When you know the actual value of your fur items, you will be confident in selling them, knowing you are getting the most out of your sale. For those who are lucky enough to own fur garments, it is important that you get back as much money as possible if you plan to sell your fur items. With our help, you will know that you are getting back the maximum amount possible for your fur clothing, and the buyer will know that your fur garments are authentic.

appraisal desk in fur store

Our Fur Appraisal Process

When it comes to putting a price on your fur items, it is necessary that you hire experts for the job. Our team of furriers has years of experience pricing and valuing a wide range of fur items. When you bring your fur items to us, we will evaluate the entire piece. The essential factors of fur items that we will pay close attention to are the type of skin, the length, the size, the age, the style, and the overall condition of the item. Throughout the process, we evaluate the overall value of the fur item to ensure its quality for both you and potential buyers. The vetting process helps the seller know the value of their items and protects them from selling fur items too short.

Cash Value vs. Replacement Value Appraisals

There are two different types of fur appraisals. These include cash value appraisals and replacement value appraisals. Cash value appraisals generate a monetary value of your fur garments. This value is what you can expect to receive if you decide to sell your fur items. The replacement value appraisals are typically used for insurance purposes. This value will be much higher than that of the cash value because it is the cost of replacing your fur item with an identical one. Replacement value appraisals are great for protecting your fur investment. Be sure that when you come to Andriana Furs for a fur appraisal, you tell us which type of appraisal you need.

Accurate Fur Appraisals Available Today

At Andriana Furs, we are a team of expert furriers. If you are looking to find out the true value of your fur items, we can help. In Chicago, IL, our fur appraisals are thorough, accurate, and necessary. Having your fur valued can be a big help when it comes to getting insurance protection or selling your fur items. We will ensure that your fur garments are accurately valued so that you can be confident in your decision to insure or sell them. When you bring your furs to us, you will be met by friendly furrier experts who can answer all your questions and appraise your fur as soon as possible. Reach out to us today to have your fur items valued precisely.

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