Luxurious Fur Coats in Chicago, IL

Fur coats have long been regarded as a sign of luxury and beauty, mostly because of their elegant look and feel. Nowadays, however, fur is easily accessible to everyone! When properly stored and cared for, a fur coat is a great style investment you will continue to enjoy for years to come.

Andriana Furs, celebrating 30 incredible years in Chicago, IL, not only offers high-quality fur coats at exceptional, but also storage, restoration, and repair for your fur garments and accessories. Let us help you find the perfect fur that fits your taste and lifestyle!

Find the Right Fit For You

Selecting a fur coat is much like selecting any garment you might wear. Take into consideration the style, color, and texture that best suit your needs and preferences.

  • Style: Choose a style that is practical for your needs, such as a long coat for warmth or a shorter swing coat for a flattering silhouette you can wear anywhere. Additionally, consider the long-term value of your fur. Classically styled furs are more likely to hold their value and functionality for generations to come, while more fashionable pieces are best if you are looking to make a personal or trendy statement.
  • Color: Furs are available in a wide variety of colors, including naturally occurring and dyed hues. In many cases, the color you want will determine the type of fur you purchase. Consider the type of clothing you will wear with your coat as well as your own hair, eye, and skin coloring to choose a fur that will highlight and complement your look.
  • Texture: When purchasing fur, consider both the texture of the fur itself as well as the leather interior of the garment. The fur should be appealing to the touch, while the leather should be soft, supple, and comfortable against your skin.

Quality Furs For Your Budget

Andriana Furs has among the largest inventory of fur coats throughout the entire Midwest, making it easy for you to find the fur that best suits your personality and taste.  We sell fur coats that are exceptionally priced, beautiful, plush and luxurious for each of our clients.  There are a variety of fur coat types to choose from.  Here are a few worth considering:

  • Mink: Fur garments made from mink are known for their soft, lightweight texture and warmth.
  • Fox: Fox pelts are available in a wide range of natural colors including red, gray, and silver. These furs are often used for trims as well as scarves and capes.
  • Chinchilla: Once very rare, chinchillas are prized for their soft, plush fur. Garments made from chinchilla fur are among the softest, most lightweight available.
  • Sable: Sable is an exceptionally silky fur that comes in many beautiful hues.
  • Rabbit: A classic choice for fur coats, soft and plush rabbit fur can be cut in a variety of styles.
  • Raccoon: Perfect for trimming collars and cuffs, raccoon fur is a wonderful way to add a beautiful accent to any garment or coat.
  • Beaver: Highly sought after, beaver fur is smooth and silky with remarkably thick underfur, creating a luxurious and durable coat.
  • Cashmere: Lightweight cashmere wool comes from the Kashmir goat and has a deliciously soft and buttery feel.
  • Shearling: Incredibly lightweight and soft to the touch, shearling wool is an excellent choice for an elegant and comfortable coat.

A beautiful fur coat adds class and charm to any wardrobe. For 30 years, Andriana Furs in Chicago, IL has been the destination for consumers around the country.  Call us at 773-779-7000 or come, visit our showroom to pick out the perfect fur coat today!

Why Andriana Furs?

  • Over 30 Years of Experience - Chicago's Number-One Furrier Since 1987
  • We Have the Largest Selection of Furs, Shearlings, Cashmeres & Leathers in Chicagoland
  • We Are Recognized Around the World as a Premiere Destination for Furs
  • On-Site Temperature and Humidity-Controlled Storage Vault and Fur Factory
  • All Fur Repairs, Restyling and Cleanings are done on Our Premises
  • We Accept Trade-Ins of Unwanted Fur Coats Toward the Purchase of a New Fur

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