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Fur Tips From the Experts

From the fur selection process to owning your own fur pieces, our experts will be with you all along the way. With our helpful fur tips and information, you will be confident in knowing how to properly care for, accessorize, and wear your fur garments. Your fur wear is an investment, which is one of the reasons why understanding how to take care of your fur is so important. Our dedicated staff has compiled a list of vital fur information that will help you keep your fur in shape for the years to come. Explore these different topics to learn how to be the best fur owner you can be.

Proper Care for Your Fur Wear

When it comes to owning fur coats and accessories, it is vital that you understand how to take care of them properly. With our helpful fur information, Chicago, IL residents will learn how to prolong the life of their fur wear. Our team of expert furriers at Andriana Furs is available to educate you on the fur selection process, proper fur ownership, and how to accessorize your fur pieces. With our professional knowledge and extensive experience, you will not only leave us with new and beautiful fur pieces, but you will know how to ensure that they stay looking brand new throughout their lifetime.

Trust Our Dedicated Furrier

As Chicago, IL’s number one furrier, we strive to give our customers the best fur shopping and owning experience. After you have purchased your new fur coat and accessories, our team will still be with you. With over 35 years in the business, we have learned how to care for our clients precisely. The helpful fur information that we provide will stay with you even after you have gone home. Additionally, if something happens to your fur and it gets damaged somehow, our fur experts can fix it. Once you embark on your fur-owning journey, you will have our continual support. Whether you have questions about your fur or you want to store your fur in the off-season, we have got you covered. Knowing that you have access to our full support and available fur services, you can go out in your new fur ensemble without worry. Reach out to us today with questions, or visit our showroom to purchase your next fur outfit.

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