Fur Storage in Chicago

Proper storage is the key to maintaining the beauty and quality of your fur. Observing the right storage techniques can keep your luxury furs looking their best for decades to come. Andriana Furs is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of fur care, including fur cleaning, fur restoration, fur coat repair, and fur cold storage in Chicago.

Key Factors of Fur Storage

Fur storage requires more than the physical space necessary to hold your furs. There are many environmental factors that can affect the quality of your fur during storage, including the method of storage and the conditions inside the storage facility.

  • Temperature control is a significant factor when storing furs. High heat can damage furs over time; temperature cycling can also cause the natural materials in the fur to break down. Fur cold storage maintains furs at a temperature lower than 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit, which slows the degradation and evaporation of the natural oils in the fur and the leather of its interior lining.
  • Humidity also plays a role in maintaining the quality of your furs during storage. Very high humidity can promote rotting and breakdown of furs, while humidity that is too low will cause oils to evaporate and the fur and leather to become brittle. The idea humidity range for fur storage is 45-55%.
  • Space is another important factor to consider when storing furs. Furs should be stored with enough space to allow for good air circulation and rotated periodically to prevent crushing.

Reasons to Choose a Professional Fur Storage Facility

Whether you have one fur or many fur garments, opting for professional fur storage is a smart solution. If you’d like more information about Chicago fur cold storage, please call Andriana Furs today at (773) 779-7000 to speak with a professional about fur care.

  1. Just a few seasons of improper storage can quickly destroy a fur beyond repair; professional fur storage is the best way to get the most from your valuable investment.
  2. Professional fur storage services include inspection and fur repairs. When you store your fur with a professional, you can be sure you will receive your fur in the same or better condition than when you dropped it off for storage.
  3. If you have a large fur collection, it can be difficult to find space inside your home to store them. Professional fur storage allows you to retain your luxury furs without the need to keep them in your home when they aren’t in use.

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  • Over 30 Years of Experience - Chicago's Number-One Furrier Since 1987
  • We Have the Largest Selection of Furs, Shearlings, Cashmeres & Leathers in Chicagoland
  • We Are Recognized Around the World as a Premiere Destination for Furs
  • On-Site Temperature and Humidity-Controlled Storage Vault and Fur Factory
  • All Fur Repairs, Restyling and Cleanings are done on Our Premises
  • We Accept Trade-Ins of Unwanted Fur Coats Toward the Purchase of a New Fur

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