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Are you considering a fur coat? If you’re new to the world of fur, the options are almost endless!  There are so many different types of furs fashioned into so many beautiful styles, for every conceivable occasion and sensibility. If you’re looking for a classic, though, you can’t go wrong with these enduring styles.

Stroller: This is a longer jacket and hits about mid-thigh. It’s a really classic look, provides great warmth and feels long and luxurious. Petite women often choose stroller coats or shorter jackets because they can be worn right away with no need for shortening.

Three-quarters length: This kind of coat covers three-quarters of the garments underneath it. It hits just above the knee and is flattering for most people.

Mid-calf: Also known as the short coat, it hits, as you would expect, right around the middle of the calf, and is a good look for both men and women.

Seven-eighths length: By covering seven-eighths of your clothing, you’re leaving something to the imagination. Furs that are seven-eighths are warm and comfortable for walking and running everyday errands.

Full length: This length is the epitome of classic glamour, flowing all the way to the ankle. Red carpet worthy, a full-length fur coat will also keep you warm and cozy. Full-length furs can be worn over evening wear or jeans or even sweatpants! Look elegant in your full-length fur.

At Andriana Furs, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality furs at incomparable prices and offering comprehensive storage and restoration services for all your precious pieces. Our dedicated staff has the knowledge, tools, and hands-on experience to give you exceptional insight into the world of fur fashion so that you can truly enjoy fur ownership. We’re proud to have been Chicago’s number-one furrier since 1987, and with every season, we continue to earn that title providing the finest quality, style, value and services to meet our customers’ needs. To learn more about us, browse our website, visit our showroom or give us a call at 773-779-7000 today.