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There’s nothing quite as cozy in the winter as a fur coat and the feeling you get when you snuggle up in real fur. That experience isn’t limited to coats, though, as any fur-loving fashionista will tell you. Fur accessories are the feel-good must-haves this winter, and we have some gorgeous suggestions for working them into your wardrobe.

Scarves: Why should scarves be knit from wool? Fur scarves run the gamut from posh to funky and everything in between. Choose a plush mink muffler for an upgrade to your style or show your colors with a scarf dyed any color you choose or a rainbow of colors if that’s more to your liking.

Purses: The array of fur purses this year is mind-boggling. Try a pretty little pearl-handled clutch or grab the latest trend with a circle bag. Fur purses can be made entirely of fur or made of leather or suede with fur embellishments. They can be subtle or startling in colors that are natural or bold.

Hats and Gloves: Fur hats and gloves are always needed for cold winter days and nights!  Today’s styles are fresh and new. Choose a hat completely made of fur or with a fun fur tuft on top. Fur gloves can be wild or understated, and fingerless fur gloves are a popular choice either way.

Baubles and Bits: You’d be amazed at all the fun accessories you can find in fur. Scrunchies are back, fur earrings are all the rage, and purse charms let you dress up your plain purse with a touch of fur. Fur phone cases and keychains? Yes, please! And don’t forget a fur change purse to keep your change safe inside your fur purse.

At Andriana Furs, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality furs at incomparable prices and offering comprehensive storage and restoration services for all your precious pieces. Our dedicated staff has the knowledge, tools and hands-on experience to give you exceptional insight into the world of fur fashion so that you can truly enjoy fur ownership. We’re proud to have been Chicago’s number-one furrier since 1987, and with every season, we continue to earn that title providing the finest quality, style, value and services to meet our customers’ needs. To learn more about us, browse our website, visit our showroom, or give us a call at 773-779-7000 today.