• What to Look for in a Fur Coat

    With the holidays just around the corner, you may be considering buying a fur coat to treat yourself or someone special. Purchasing fur does require a little bit of special knowledge to ensure that you have a stylish, comfortable, and long-lasting cape or coat that will be fashionable season after season. Whether you have your eye on mink, fox, chinchilla, or another popular variety of fur, here are the characteristics you should seek out when you are shopping for fur.

    Fur Purchases In Chicago

    Soft texture
    The luxurious feel of fur is one of the most iconic qualities of fur pieces, so you will want to feel the fur for a dense and soft underfur beneath the glossy and smooth outer coat. The leather shell of the coat is another important consideration, as it should be soft and comfortable as it glides against your skin. As you assess the texture of any fur, you will use both sight and feel to determine the quality of the garment. You will also want to look for even coloring and an overall lustrous pelt.

    Proper hanging
    When you are giving fur as a gift, you may compromise the element of surprise, because furs should always be tried on before purchasing. Many people are surprised at how light fur coats can be, and different styles of fur coats can hang differently on various body shapes. A well-made and well-fitted fur should fall evenly from the shoulders and drape over the body. There are many different styles of fur coats to consider—including full-length coats and shorter coats that may be more practical.

    Well-tailored appearance
    In both classic fur styles and modern fur pieces that make a statement, you should check that seams are tightly sewn and fall straight.

    Shopping for fur begins at the right store, so you should always choose a specialized retailer for your furs. After you find just the right coat, you can make it last a lifetime with the proper storage and repairs.

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  • Busting Common Myths About Fur

    For centuries, fur has been an iconic symbol of luxury and high-society, but there are also many myths and misconceptions that persist when it comes to the fur industry. The international and domestic fur trade are both strictly regulated in order to ensure the highest quality products from animals raised in cruelty-free conditions. Read on to discover more of the facts behind the myths of the fur trade.

    Myth: Fur trade is unregulated
    There are laws on the state, national, and international level to regulate the fur trade and industry practices. These laws help to create a cruelty-free industry, because the best looking fur comes from animals that have been raised in optimum conditions.

    Busting common myths about fur Myth: Fake fur is a good alternative to real fur
    Fake furs are often presented as an eco-friendly alternative to fur farming, but fake furs are made from petroleum-based products that are not derived from renewable resources and have a heavy impact on the environment. Plus, many fur farms actually benefit the environment by recycling waste products that might otherwise end up in landfills.

    Myth: Furs are primarily endangered species
    Many furs are farmed and made from animals specifically raised for their pelts. In areas where fur trapping is used, species are abundant, and trapping is actually a part of wildlife management programs. Animals like mink and foxes can overpopulate areas and become a threat to other species native to the region.

    Myth: Domestic cats and dogs are used in furs
    One of the most prominent fur myths is that you may not know where your fur actually comes from, but the strict regulations of the trade ensure that pelts of animals like domestic cats and dogs are not falsely marketed as other furs. Furthermore, dog and cat furs are not suitable for use in coats due to their texture and aesthetic qualities.

    Now that you know the truth about fur, you might be inspired to begin shopping for furs to keep you warm in the cold Chicago winter.

  • Spotlight on the Latest Fur Trends

    Fashion has taken a shift toward more casual and comfortable styles over the years, but there is still a place for the luxury of fur in everyday looks and, of course, more formal winter attire. When it comes to fur, mink has been a long-lasting staple that is fashionable year after year in long coats and more versatile short coats. However, those seeking a bolder look might explore vests and fur collars that can fit into any fashion sense. Vests are making a statement this year in both long and short styles. The comfort and softness of cashmere is another timeless look that has become paired with fur trimming to create garments that you will want to wear every day of the winter season.

    A new fur piece can add life to your winter wardrobe, but you can also restyle older pieces to create a more modern look with the luxury you have appreciated for many seasons already. No matter how you choose to make a statement in fur, remember to care for your furs with professional controlled storage and repairs.

    Spotlight on the latest fur trends

  • Styling Your Fur Jacket

    When you buy fur in Chicago , there are countless ways to style it to achieve a variety of looks. Whether you want to dress it up or dress it down, the right accessories make it easy to change the entire feel of your fur.

    Pair a colorful fur jacket with a pair of framed denim jeans, a low heel, and a colorful purse that complements the hue of the coat for a fun daytime look. If you want to go for a more formal style, you should wear a sparkly dress or shirt beneath your fur, add some fashion-forward handbags, and a designer purse.

    You can also find fabulous fur accessories like hats, scarfs, and vests to enhance the rest of your wardrobe. Check out this video to get some more fur fashion tips.

  • Tips for Storing and Maintaining Your Fur

    When you own a fur coat in Chicago , it is important to properly store and care for it to ensure that it lasts a lifetime. Use this guide to learn how to properly maintain your fur coat so you can get the most use out of it:

    Fur Storage
    Without the proper storage, your fur will lose its luster and appeal. Since it is a natural material, it must be kept in cold storage when you are not using it. The best way to store your fur is to find a reputable storage center that creates the ideal environment for maintaining your coat. The storage center must not have too much humidity or it might strip the fur of natural oils that keep it feeling soft and smooth. The best storage centers do not have a lot direct sunlight. You should not store your fur in a plastic garment bag or it might become stiff.

    Storing and maintaining tips for fur

    Fur Maintenance
    You should have your fur cleaned about once a year by a certified professional to get rid of any dirt or grime that might affect its aesthetic appeal and its texture. Even if you cannot visibly see dirt, there are small particles that could eventually make the fur feel rough to the touch. You should use a broad-shoulder hangar when keeping the coat in your closet or you could change the shape. You should never keep mothballs in the same closet as your fur or they could cause permanent damage to the coat. Try to spray perfume, cologne, or hairspray before you put on the coat so the chemicals do not affect the texture.

    Fur Repair
    If you notice any small holes or tears on your coat, it is important to get them repaired as soon as possible. These small issues could quickly turn into large problems if you do not get the proper treatment. You might also notice small bald spots. Always turn to a reputable fur dealer and repair shop to fix these problems so you can get the best results.

  • A Look at Some Classic Fur Styles

    Classic fur coats are always in style. If you are looking for an addition to your wardrobe that you can continue to wear for many seasons, you should set your sights on the traditional fur coat styles.

    The stroller coat is a longer style that helps keep you warm through the most brutal winters. Three-quarter length coats tend to hang to the middle of the calf and the seven-eighths length falls to the knee. The greatcoat is very long and sometimes reaches all the way to the ankle. Greatcoats are typically reserved for more formal occasions.

    If you really want to buy a classic fur coat, you should also find a color that works with a wide range of wardrobe options. This ensures that you can continue to wear your fur coat in Chicago throughout a variety of seasons. Take your time choosing a fur style that helps you stay warm and add new depth and texture to your entire wardrobe.

    Take a look at some of the classic fur styles

  • Buying Your First Fur Coat

    A fur coat is a great investment for your wardrobe that will last for decades with the proper care. If you are interested in supplementing your winter wardrobe with a warm and beautiful fur, use these tips to find the right coat for all of your needs:

    Find Your Fur
    There are a variety of different furs that provide different aesthetic and texture benefits. Mink fur is known for being one of the softest, lightest furs available and can be found in both formal and casual styles. Rabbit fur is also soft, beautiful and fits into a wider range of budgets. Fox fur is long, soft, and thick, which helps you stay warm through the coldest Chicago winters. Beaver fur is often available in a larger range of colors to help you complement your wardrobe. You can also choose between raccoon, chinchilla, lynx, coyote, and lamb fur. Decide on the kind of fur you want before you start shopping for coats.

    Fur coat shopping tips by Andriana Furs

    Think About Style
    You can find fur coats in any kind of style. Whether you want a casual coat that you can wear every day or a more formal piece to add to your wardrobe, there are great fur options in every style. If you are more concerned about staying warm, you should focus on the longer styles. If you are more interested in style, though, you might want to look at shorter coats.

    Choose a Color
    The color of your fur coat changes its aesthetic appeal. If you want to buy a coat that will stay in style through the decades, try to choose a neutral color that complements your own skin, hair, and eye coloring. You can also find plenty of dyed hues that add a stylish appeal to your coat and offer a trendier appeal.

    Find the Right Texture
    Try on a few different kinds of furs to see how the textures feel. Whether you are choosing a fur for style or for comfort, it is important to enjoy the way the material feels so you can get the most use out of your new fur coat in Chicago.

  • The Process of Cleaning a Fur Coat

    When you take your fur in for a professional fur cleaning , the experts start off by inspecting it to spot the problem areas. They then roll up the sleeves of the coat to prepare it for cleaning and mix the cleaning solvent.

    The experts scrub the coat with solvent before placing it into a cleaning drum with a sawdust cleaning mixture. Once the drum finishes rotating the coat and the mixture, the coat is placed into the other side of the drum to remove the sawdust. If the fur is too fragile, the expert will apply the sawdust mixture by hand. The fur is also dried, glazed, and steamed. Check out this video to learn more.

    If you own fur in Chicago, it is important to get it professionally cleaned and stored to keep it in top condition. With the proper care, your fur coat can last for generations.

  • Top Reasons to Wear a Fur Coat

    Fur is a stylish and functional material that can serve a variety of purposes in a wardrobe. If you are trying to decide whether or not to add a luxury fur coat to your wardrobe, use this guide to learn about some of the top reasons to make the leap:

    Top reasons to wear a fur coat

    It Is Incredibly Warm
    Winters in Chicago can be brutal. With the cold season rapidly approaching, now is the time to replenish your winter wardrobe so you can stay warm even on the coldest days. Fur is a natural material that is designed to keep mammals warm in cold weather. Fur gives you protection against the elements that makes it easier to stay warm and comfortable throughout the season.

    It Feels Good Against the Skin
    Quality fur is soft and lightweight and feels great against your skin. If you want to enhance your wardrobe with comfortable, stylish pieces, there is nothing better than a beautiful fur coat.

    It Is Classic
    Unlike other trendy pieces of clothing, fur is always in style. Designers create classic looks using fur that enable their customers to keep these beautiful pieces of clothing for decades. If you want to add some timeless items into your wardrobe, a fur coat is a great option.

    It Is Versatile
    Fur can be dressed up or dressed down so it becomes the perfect complement to all of the other pieces in your wardrobe. From jeans to evening gowns, fur helps to enhance your personal style.

    It Is Durable
    If you take proper care of your fur, you can expect it to last for decades. This natural material is extremely durable and long lasting. You can use fur from an old coat or scarf to create a completely new look.

    Once you finally commit to the idea of adding fur to your wardrobe, you should start shopping for a fur coat in Chicago. With all of the benefits of this beautiful, natural material, you can add style, warmth, and durability to your personal style.