• Maintenance Tips for Fantastic Furs [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Luxury furs can last for decades and can even be handed down to the next generation, but without the proper care, your fur’s life will be cut short. The first thing to consider is fur storage. Moving your fur to the basement during the warmer months won’t cut it. The humidity levels and temperatures will be all wrong and will leave you with a fur that looks dull and drab. Instead, put your fur in a professional fur cold storage facility, where the right conditions are maintained to keep your fur looking its best. You also need to act quickly when it comes to fur repair and stain removal to prevent lasting damage. Andriana Furs, providing fur storage in Chicago , offers advice on maintaining your fur in this infographic. Put this advice into action for yourself and share it with your fellow fur lovers.

    Maintenance tips for furs - Infographics

  • A Quick Look Back at the History of Fur

    Today fur is a popular and stylish addition to a variety of wardrobes. Different cultures have enjoyed the warming benefits of fur for generations. Keep reading to learn a little bit about the history of this material:

    People have been using fur from beavers, wolves, martens, minks, foxes, and lynxes in North America since the French settled in the area. Settlers and colonists traveled far into the wilderness to find animals with fur that could help them through the brutal winters. People used for everything from coats to trim for hats. Even baby blankets used fur to ensure that the child stayed warm during the coldest nights.

    Although many people still focus on the stylish aspects of fur, the material is a great wardrobe addition during the winter. Fur in Chicago helps you conquer a Midwest winter while staying warm and comfortable. Look into buying a fur coat to help you through the coldest parts of this winter.

    Fur History Chicago

  • Questions to Ask When Purchasing Luxury Furs

    Fur is a big investment, which means you should take your time shopping to ensure that you get a quality piece that will last for many years. Use the following questions to buy luxury fur that meets all of your style and function needs:

    What Kind of Fur Is This?
    Different kinds of fur offer different benefits. Mink, for example, is one of the most popular styles because it is pleasantly soft and lightweight. Quality mink coats are stylish and durable so you can enjoy them for many years. Rabbit fur is another popular style because it is soft, beautiful, and affordable. Fox fur is a popular option for collars, cuffs, wraps, and even headbands and is available in a wide variety of colors. Learn about the kind of fur before you buy a coat or another garment to ensure it offers the features you want.

    Questions to ask before purchasing a luxury furs

    Will this Meet My Needs?
    Before you start shopping for luxury fur, you should first think about why you need it. If you want a warm coat to help you through a Chicago winter, you should focus on longer styles that provide optimum coverage. If you are looking for a more stylish piece of clothing, you have more options when you start browsing through the store. The staff can help you narrow down your choices based on why you need the fur.

    From Where Did the Fur Come?
    The most quality fur coats should list from where they originated. If you are looking to buy a mink coat, you should try to find a style that comes from the U.S., Denmark, or Finland to get the highest quality. Russian sables are considered the best and North American lynx pelts are high-quality pieces. If you are buying fox fur, try to shop for pieces from Finland and limit your beaver fur search to those options from Canada.

    In Chicago, fur is a helpful accessory for the winter. Take your time shopping for luxury fur coats to ensure that you get a piece that will keep you warm and stylish this season.

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  • Taking Care of Your Fur

    With the proper attention, you can prevent the need for fur repairs to keep your coat in top condition. You should never store fur under plastic or it will dry out and crack. Use a good hanger to protect the shoulders and the seams.

    Fur cold storage is the best way to maintain the original aesthetic appeal of your fur. Ask the furrier about fur storage options that can keep your coat looking and feeling great. Bring the fur in to get conditioned once a year or every other year so it remains shiny and soft. Check out this video for more great tips.

    If you want luxury furs near Chicago, it is important to find the right furrier who can help you choose the right option and maintain it. When you take care of your fur, it will last for many years.

  • The Benefits of Fur Cold Storage

    If you want to protect your investment, it is important to properly store your fur to keep it in the top condition year after year. Fur cold storage helps you maintain the look and feel of your fur coat, so it is ready for use each winter. Keep reading to learn more about this storage option and how it can benefit your piece.

    It Slows Down Biodegradation
    Fur is a biological material, which means it is composed of molecules. Storing fur in extremely cold temperatures slows down the molecules and prevents biodegradation. If you completely froze the fur each year, it would consistently expand and shrink, which would ruin the integrity of the coat. The best storage option is cold storage to keep the fur in its original condition and keep it from breaking down.

    Learn the benefits of fur cold storage

    It Prevents Evaporation of Oils
    One of the reasons that fur feels so soft to the touch is natural oils that keep the material supple. Cold storage decreases the risk for evaporation of these oils, which keeps the fur feeling soft and pliable even years after you buy it. If the oils evaporate out of the fur, the material will become thin and could tear. The fur will also lose its shine and luster.

    It Helps You Maintain the Aesthetic Appeal and Function of the Coat
    When you invest in a piece like a fur coat, you want to ensure that it remains in its original condition for as long as possible. Taking advantage of fur cold storage helps you extend the life of your coat while maintaining its original aesthetic appeal and warming properties. Spend some time browsing for the right fur cold storage to get the conditions that you need to keep your coat in top condition.

    Fur storage in Chicago is extremely important. Your basement or closet will probably not get cold enough to keep the fur looking and feeling great. Talk to the staff at the fur store to learn about the best cold storage options in the area.