A Quick Look Back at the History of Fur

Today fur is a popular and stylish addition to a variety of wardrobes. Different cultures have enjoyed the warming benefits of fur for generations. Keep reading to learn a little bit about the history of this material:

People have been using fur from beavers, wolves, martens, minks, foxes, and lynxes in North America since the French settled in the area. Settlers and colonists traveled far into the wilderness to find animals with fur that could help them through the brutal winters. People used for everything from coats to trim for hats. Even baby blankets used fur to ensure that the child stayed warm during the coldest nights.

Although many people still focus on the stylish aspects of fur, the material is a great wardrobe addition during the winter. Fur in Chicago helps you conquer a Midwest winter while staying warm and comfortable. Look into buying a fur coat to help you through the coldest parts of this winter.

Fur History Chicago