Maintenance Tips for Fantastic Furs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Maintenance tips for furs

Luxury furs can last for decades and can even be handed down to the next generation, but without the proper care, your fur’s life will be cut short. The first thing to consider is fur storage. Moving your fur to the basement during the warmer months won’t cut it. The humidity levels and temperatures will be all wrong and will leave you with a fur that looks dull and drab. Instead, put your fur in a professional fur cold storage facility, where the right conditions are maintained to keep your fur looking its best. You also need to act quickly when it comes to fur repair and stain removal to prevent lasting damage. Andriana Furs, providing fur storage in Chicago , offers advice on maintaining your fur in this infographic. Put this advice into action for yourself and share it with your fellow fur lovers.

Maintenance tips for furs - Infographics