Questions to Ask When Purchasing Luxury Furs

Fur is a big investment, which means you should take your time shopping to ensure that you get a quality piece that will last for many years. Use the following questions to buy luxury fur that meets all of your style and function needs:

What Kind of Fur Is This?
Different kinds of fur offer different benefits. Mink, for example, is one of the most popular styles because it is pleasantly soft and lightweight. Quality mink coats are stylish and durable so you can enjoy them for many years. Rabbit fur is another popular style because it is soft, beautiful, and affordable. Fox fur is a popular option for collars, cuffs, wraps, and even headbands and is available in a wide variety of colors. Learn about the kind of fur before you buy a coat or another garment to ensure it offers the features you want.

Questions to ask before purchasing a luxury furs

Will this Meet My Needs?
Before you start shopping for luxury fur, you should first think about why you need it. If you want a warm coat to help you through a Chicago winter, you should focus on longer styles that provide optimum coverage. If you are looking for a more stylish piece of clothing, you have more options when you start browsing through the store. The staff can help you narrow down your choices based on why you need the fur.

From Where Did the Fur Come?
The most quality fur coats should list from where they originated. If you are looking to buy a mink coat, you should try to find a style that comes from the U.S., Denmark, or Finland to get the highest quality. Russian sables are considered the best and North American lynx pelts are high-quality pieces. If you are buying fox fur, try to shop for pieces from Finland and limit your beaver fur search to those options from Canada.

In Chicago, fur is a helpful accessory for the winter. Take your time shopping for luxury fur coats to ensure that you get a piece that will keep you warm and stylish this season.