The Benefits of Fur Cold Storage

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If you want to protect your investment, it is important to properly store your fur to keep it in the top condition year after year. Fur cold storage helps you maintain the look and feel of your fur coat, so it is ready for use each winter. Keep reading to learn more about this storage option and how it can benefit your piece.

It Slows Down Biodegradation
Fur is a biological material, which means it is composed of molecules. Storing fur in extremely cold temperatures slows down the molecules and prevents biodegradation. If you completely froze the fur each year, it would consistently expand and shrink, which would ruin the integrity of the coat. The best storage option is cold storage to keep the fur in its original condition and keep it from breaking down.

Learn the benefits of fur cold storage

It Prevents Evaporation of Oils
One of the reasons that fur feels so soft to the touch is natural oils that keep the material supple. Cold storage decreases the risk for evaporation of these oils, which keeps the fur feeling soft and pliable even years after you buy it. If the oils evaporate out of the fur, the material will become thin and could tear. The fur will also lose its shine and luster.

It Helps You Maintain the Aesthetic Appeal and Function of the Coat
When you invest in a piece like a fur coat, you want to ensure that it remains in its original condition for as long as possible. Taking advantage of fur cold storage helps you extend the life of your coat while maintaining its original aesthetic appeal and warming properties. Spend some time browsing for the right fur cold storage to get the conditions that you need to keep your coat in top condition.

Fur storage in Chicago is extremely important. Your basement or closet will probably not get cold enough to keep the fur looking and feeling great. Talk to the staff at the fur store to learn about the best cold storage options in the area.