A Glimpse at Some Common Types of Fur

Learn about some common types of fur - Thumb

There are many different kinds of fur that can enhance your wardrobe. If you are considering buying a fur coat, it is important to understand the different kinds of fur available. Use this guide to learn more about the different kinds of fur:

Beaver fur is long, but some fur designers prefer to shear it so they can change the color and pattern of the final piece. Chinchilla fur is silky, but it is not as durable as other materials. It is mostly found in hues ranging from grey to dark blue. Coyote fur is very durable, but it is only found in cream, tan, or grey, which makes it an ideal option for men’s fashions. Fox fur comes in a wide array of colors and provides a luxurious material to use for practically any kind of clothing. Rabbit fur is usually medium length and comes in multiple colors.

The only way to decide which kind is right for you is to visit a fur store in Chicago and try out a few different styles. When you fall in love with a fur style, it makes it even more enjoyable to own the material.

Learn about some common types of fur