Buying Your First Fur Coat

Fur coat shopping tips by Andriana Furs - Thumb

A fur coat is a great investment for your wardrobe that will last for decades with the proper care. If you are interested in supplementing your winter wardrobe with a warm and beautiful fur, use these tips to find the right coat for all of your needs:

Find Your Fur
There are a variety of different furs that provide different aesthetic and texture benefits. Mink fur is known for being one of the softest, lightest furs available and can be found in both formal and casual styles. Rabbit fur is also soft, beautiful and fits into a wider range of budgets. Fox fur is long, soft, and thick, which helps you stay warm through the coldest Chicago winters. Beaver fur is often available in a larger range of colors to help you complement your wardrobe. You can also choose between raccoon, chinchilla, lynx, coyote, and lamb fur. Decide on the kind of fur you want before you start shopping for coats.

Fur coat shopping tips by Andriana Furs

Think About Style
You can find fur coats in any kind of style. Whether you want a casual coat that you can wear every day or a more formal piece to add to your wardrobe, there are great fur options in every style. If you are more concerned about staying warm, you should focus on the longer styles. If you are more interested in style, though, you might want to look at shorter coats.

Choose a Color
The color of your fur coat changes its aesthetic appeal. If you want to buy a coat that will stay in style through the decades, try to choose a neutral color that complements your own skin, hair, and eye coloring. You can also find plenty of dyed hues that add a stylish appeal to your coat and offer a trendier appeal.

Find the Right Texture
Try on a few different kinds of furs to see how the textures feel. Whether you are choosing a fur for style or for comfort, it is important to enjoy the way the material feels so you can get the most use out of your new fur coat in Chicago.