Spotlight on the Latest Fur Trends

Spotlight on the latest fur trends - Thumb

Fashion has taken a shift toward more casual and comfortable styles over the years, but there is still a place for the luxury of fur in everyday looks and, of course, more formal winter attire. When it comes to fur, mink has been a long-lasting staple that is fashionable year after year in long coats and more versatile short coats. However, those seeking a bolder look might explore vests and fur collars that can fit into any fashion sense. Vests are making a statement this year in both long and short styles. The comfort and softness of cashmere is another timeless look that has become paired with fur trimming to create garments that you will want to wear every day of the winter season.

A new fur piece can add life to your winter wardrobe, but you can also restyle older pieces to create a more modern look with the luxury you have appreciated for many seasons already. No matter how you choose to make a statement in fur, remember to care for your furs with professional controlled storage and repairs.

Spotlight on the latest fur trends