What to Look for in a Fur Coat

With the holidays just around the corner, you may be considering buying a fur coat to treat yourself or someone special. Purchasing fur does require a little bit of special knowledge to ensure that you have a stylish, comfortable, and long-lasting cape or coat that will be fashionable season after season. Whether you have your eye on mink, fox, chinchilla, or another popular variety of fur, here are the characteristics you should seek out when you are shopping for fur.

Fur Purchases In Chicago

Soft texture
The luxurious feel of fur is one of the most iconic qualities of fur pieces, so you will want to feel the fur for a dense and soft underfur beneath the glossy and smooth outer coat. The leather shell of the coat is another important consideration, as it should be soft and comfortable as it glides against your skin. As you assess the texture of any fur, you will use both sight and feel to determine the quality of the garment. You will also want to look for even coloring and an overall lustrous pelt.

Proper hanging
When you are giving fur as a gift, you may compromise the element of surprise, because furs should always be tried on before purchasing. Many people are surprised at how light fur coats can be, and different styles of fur coats can hang differently on various body shapes. A well-made and well-fitted fur should fall evenly from the shoulders and drape over the body. There are many different styles of fur coats to consider—including full-length coats and shorter coats that may be more practical.

Well-tailored appearance
In both classic fur styles and modern fur pieces that make a statement, you should check that seams are tightly sewn and fall straight.

Shopping for fur begins at the right store, so you should always choose a specialized retailer for your furs. After you find just the right coat, you can make it last a lifetime with the proper storage and repairs.