How to Care for Your Fur

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A beautiful fur will never go out of style. When stored and cared for properly, fine fur pieces can last for generations and be passed down as precious family belongings. Whether you’ve recently purchased your very first fur coat in Chicago or have inherited a collection of fur pieces, the following tips will help you maintain your fur for years to come.

Fur Storage
When you’re done wearing your fur garments for the season, store them in cold storage to keep them from drying out, oxidizing, and prematurely aging. If you decide to store fur garments yourself, always hang fur coats on a broad-shoulder hanger and allow enough space so that your garments

How to care for your fur are not crushed. Never store fur in bags of any type; plastic and rubber-lined clothing bags prevent air from circulating, which can dry out the garment. You should also never store fur with moth balls, as they react with moisture in the air to produce a gas that acts as a fumigant that can cause irreparable damage to your fur garments.

Fur Cleaning
Before you place your fur in storage or put it away after the season, have it cleaned by an authorized fur care specialist in Chicago only. Dry cleaning can cause irreparable damage to sensitive fur garments. Even if your fur doesn’t look dirty, it’s important to remove small abrasive dirt particles and chemicals before storing furs during the spring and summer.

Fur Repair
Fur garments may be sensitive, but they can be repaired or remodeled. If you have pieces of fur that are ripped, torn, or balding, visit a fur repair shop in Chicago to have your garment restored. To prevent bald or bare spots, avoid wearing bags with straps with your fur. Instead, carry your bag in your hand. Also be careful to lift your coat as you sit down, as most armhole tears are caused by sitting on the garment.