• Choosing a Quality Fur Storage Service

    Are you looking for fur storage in Chicago ? It is extremely important to choose a quality fur storage service in order to keep your furs looking and feeling like new. Improper fur storage and fur care can damage your fur and reduce its lifetime, so keep a few important factors in mind when choosing a fur storage service.

    A fur storage area should not be humid or warm. Furs need to be stored in cool, dry air in order for them to retain their texture. Otherwise, furs can lose their natural oils, become stiff and brittle, and even start to shed. This is also why it is detrimental to store your furs in plastic.

    Furs should be stored away from sunlight in order to avoid fading. Therefore, it is best to store furs in opaque, rather than transparent, containers. Finally, furs should not remain hanging for an extended period of time. When it comes to long-term storage, hanging can stress the fur unevenly and result in damaged patches.

  • Avoid these Common Fur Care Mistakes

    Do you have a new fur coat in Chicago? It’s important to maintain proper fur care in order to keep you fur looking and feeling great for many years to come. Whether you have a fur coat, fur cape, or fur accessories, you should avoid some of the most common fur care and fur storage mistakes.

    After wearing your fur in the rain or snow, it may become a little wet. This small amount of moisture won’t harm your fur. Hang your coat or cape to dry in a cool place that has plenty of air circulation. In other words, don’t put your fur in the coat closet while it is moist, and don’t leave it near heat. Doing so can damage your fur. If your fur has become completely soaked, take it to a fur care or fur coat repair salon immediately in order to minimize the damage.

    It’s also important to have your furs cleaned professionally on a regular basis—about one time per season is the minimum requirement. This professional cleaning will remove any dirt and dust on your fur, restore shine, and extend its lifetime.

  • Why Fur Isn’t Off-Limits in the Summer

    Think you can’t wear fur in Chicago in the summer? Think again! While a fur coat is usually too hot in the summer heat, you can still complement your seasonal summertime look with fur. Whether you have a classic aesthetic, like to look like you’ve just stepped off the runaway, or are going for an edgier off-beat look, fur can turn your summertime wardrobe into something truly unique.

    Being Fashionable Is About Being Unexpected

    Do you want to make a fashion statement? Then break the fashion “rules”. Wearing a touch of fur during the summer is an unexpected element that can make your everyday summer look appear edgy and runway-ready. Even a more classic, streamlined outfit will look more elegant with a bit of fur. Remember, if you only stick to the seasonal template, you’ll never stick out. Be adventurous by making a statement with fur.

    Accessories Aren’t Season-Bound

    Luxury furs don’t stop at fur coats and fur capes. You can find a variety of accessories made with fur, including fur hats, fur handbags, fur vests, and even fur-trimmed high heels. These options are a great way to produce a unique look without the excess warmth of a fur coat or jacket. Plus, they can add a touch of glamor to your wardrobe at any time of the year. When choosing a fur vest, look for a short knit design that allows additional airflow, rather than a vest with a thick lining. That way, you can stay feeling cool and looking cool in your summertime furs.

    Fur Gives You a Cool Look During the Evening Chill

    During the late summertime, the afternoons can be hot and sunny—but when the sun sets, a chill can set in that you’re not prepared for with your current summer wardrobe. Bring along a light fur cape or vest when you plan to be out late on summer nights. Rather than shivering in your spaghetti straps, you’ll look fashionably prepared in fur.

  • The First-Timer’s Guide to Buying a Fur

    Are you buying your first fur coat in Chicago? A fur coat is a statement piece that will stay classic year after year. You may be excited about choosing your first fur, while also being a little overwhelmed by all of the options available. Fortunately, choosing a fur coat is straightforward once you’ve narrowed down your own personal preferences. Read on for some tips for first-time buyers of fur.

    Learn the Lingo

    Taking the time to learn a few important words used in the fur trade can make you a lot more comfortable when going fur shopping. One word you should know is “guard hair”. Guard hair is the top layer of a fur—in other words, the one that you can see. Guard hair is usually made up of long and straight hairs that protect the underfur from damage. As you might have guessed, “underfur” refers to the bottom layer of a fur. Underfur is more insulating than the guard hair and tends to be denser and shorter as well.

    Choose a Fur Type

    There are tons of options out there when it comes to choosing a fur type, so take some time to find out which type you really like. Different types of fur have different textures, colors, and even fur care requirements. The most popular fur type is mink fur, as it can go between formal and casual attire with ease. Plus, it is relatively durable and incredibly soft. Other popular options include rabbit fur and fox fur.

    Choose a Fur Length

    Consider for a moment how you envision yourself wearing your fur. Do you live in a very cold environment and want to keep warm during the chilly winter months? Or do you plan to wear your fur out to social events as a fashion statement? These questions can help you determine what length of fur will be best for you. Full-length fur coats are great for colder environments, while jacket- or thigh-length fur coats or fur capes offer more versatile looks.