Avoid these Common Fur Care Mistakes

Do you have a new fur coat in Chicago? It’s important to maintain proper fur care in order to keep you fur looking and feeling great for many years to come. Whether you have a fur coat, fur cape, or fur accessories, you should avoid some of the most common fur care and fur storage mistakes.

After wearing your fur in the rain or snow, it may become a little wet. This small amount of moisture won’t harm your fur. Hang your coat or cape to dry in a cool place that has plenty of air circulation. In other words, don’t put your fur in the coat closet while it is moist, and don’t leave it near heat. Doing so can damage your fur. If your fur has become completely soaked, take it to a fur care or fur coat repair salon immediately in order to minimize the damage.

It’s also important to have your furs cleaned professionally on a regular basis—about one time per season is the minimum requirement. This professional cleaning will remove any dirt and dust on your fur, restore shine, and extend its lifetime.