Choosing a Quality Fur Storage Service

Are you looking for fur storage in Chicago ? It is extremely important to choose a quality fur storage service in order to keep your furs looking and feeling like new. Improper fur storage and fur care can damage your fur and reduce its lifetime, so keep a few important factors in mind when choosing a fur storage service.

A fur storage area should not be humid or warm. Furs need to be stored in cool, dry air in order for them to retain their texture. Otherwise, furs can lose their natural oils, become stiff and brittle, and even start to shed. This is also why it is detrimental to store your furs in plastic.

Furs should be stored away from sunlight in order to avoid fading. Therefore, it is best to store furs in opaque, rather than transparent, containers. Finally, furs should not remain hanging for an extended period of time. When it comes to long-term storage, hanging can stress the fur unevenly and result in damaged patches.