Why Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Matters for Fur Storage

When you’re looking for proper fur care in Chicago , be sure to check the furrier’s storage facility for the appropriate temperature and humidity standards. Many times, fur owners may not realize there is more to fur care and storage than keeping it in a nice bag.

Fur coats and accessories must be kept in precise temperature and humidity conditions when they’re stored. The natural oils essential to the fur and leather lining are kept in good condition when the temperature is below 45-55° Fahrenheit. This oil is essential because it keeps the coat from drying out beyond repair. The humidity needs to be kept in the right range, too. If it’s too high, the garment may rot, but if it’s too low, then the garment will dry out and crack. Since fur storage requires a delicate hand, look for a qualified fur storage facility to keep your furs looking beautiful and luxurious for years to come.