Winter Fur Storage Preparation 101

The weather is warming up, and the time has come to look for fur storage in Chicago . As you probably know, your fur coats are not like any old coat you can hang up for six months without thinking. Furs require a specific type of care during winter and especially during their time in summer storage. Fur coats can stay beautiful and full for years with the right care. Don’t let incorrect storage techniques ruin your beautiful furs.

Temperature and Humidity Control

Professional fur storage facilities keep furs stored below 45° Fahrenheit because this keeps the natural oils from evaporating. These oils are found in the fur and interior leather, and if the temperature or humidity aren’t kept at the right range, the oils will evaporate until the coat becomes too dry and cracked to repair. If the humidity is too high, then the fur can begin to rot and breakdown. Always inspect your professional storage facility to be sure they maintain the proper temperature and humidity levels.

No Plastic or Sunlight

Plastic storage and wrap will smother your luxury furs. For short term storage, cheesecloth or tissue is good for smaller items. No matter what, don’t store your furs near sunlight or bright lights. Just as human hair can fade during prolonged exposure to the sun, fur will fade if it’s left in the sun too long. Any storage facility must keep their furs away from direct sunlight.

No Hanging

The occasional hanging of your fur garments is okay. If you’re wearing them every day, then a few hours on a hanger won’t do much damage. For long-term storage, though, fur shouldn’t be hung. A professional storage facility will keep furs flat with enough space and air circulation. Furs should also be moved occasionally to keep the weight of the fur from crushing itself. Often, a fur storage facility will conduct inspections and provide repairs while the fur is in storage. Check with your facility for everything they offer during your furs’ summer storage.