How Fur Coats are Made

Learn how fur coats are made

Fur coats are thousands of years old, but modern garments place a higher emphasis on style than insulating properties alone. The first step in making a fur coat is treating the pelt. The fur is steamed and then given a static charge to make the hairs stand on end. A pattern is then carved into the fur to give the pelt a unique look and feel. The pelt is then “let out” to improve the strength and insulating properties of the coat. To see how a fur coat is made for yourself, watch this short video clip from How It’s Made.

If you’re interested in purchasing a luxurious fur coat or fur accessory , visit a fur showroom in Chicago to try on different styles and colors to find the garment that best fits your personality and lifestyle. A fur expert can help you select the perfect fur piece and give you tips on caring for your fashionable new fur coat or accessory for many years to come.