Why Proper Fur Storage is Important

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When stored and cared for properly, fur garments can last for generations. During the spring and summer months when it’s simply too warm for fur, proper storage will keep your furs looking and feeling like new so you can greet the first day of winter in a dazzling and breathtaking fur coat. Proper fur storage requires control over the temperature and humidity, as well as the right storage techniques to ensure your fur pieces retain their luster, texture, and integrity. Improper fur storage can have a profoundly negative impact on the beauty and value of your garments.

While hanging is a good option for short-term storage, hanging a fur for many years can cause uneven stresses on certain areas of the garment, leading to damage and thinning. There are also simply too many factors for you to control yourself, including humidity. If you want to protect your furs during the warmer months, contact a fur storage provider in Chicago . For maximum protection, seek out cold storage for your furs.

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