How to Prevent Damage to Your Fur Coat

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Fur coats and fur capes can last a lifetime if you practice proper fur care. When well preserved, these fur garments can even be family heirlooms, passed down to your children and grandchildren. A furrier selling luxury furs in Chicago can give you tips on fur care and offer fur cleaning, restoration, and repair services.

How to prevent damage to your fur coatContinue reading to find out more about fur coat care.

Avoid Exposing the Fur to Chemicals
Do not use perfumes, hair spray, or lotions while wearing your fur coat or fur cape. The alcohol and oils in these products can penetrate furs, causing them to become dry or rancid. The odor that the products leave behind can be very difficult to get rid of, even by a professional fur cleaner. Your makeup and natural body oils can also damage fur. When wearing furs, try to always wear a scarf around your neck to protect the fur.

Wear Your Fur Coat with Care
Avoid wearing a shoulder bag with a fur coat. The strap of the bag can wear the fur down, resulting in a bald spot. Do not wear pins or brooches, which can put holes in your coat and cause the fur to become matted. If you must sit for a long period of time while wearing a fur garment, shift positions occasionally so that the fur will not become crushed. Remove your fur coat and keep it in your lap if you know you will be seated for a long time.

Have the Fur Cleaned, Repaired, and Stored Professionally
If your fur coat becomes soaked, take it to a professional fur cleaner immediately. Do not dry your furs yourself by exposing them to heat, especially a hair dryer. Schedule a professional fur cleaning once a year, as furs gather odor, oil, and dust that must be removed to avoid damage. Small dust particles will collect on a fur even if it is not worn. A professional fur cleaner can also provide fur coat repair, fur restoration, and fur coat alterations. Store your fur coat in fur cold storage when the weather turns too warm to wear it. Cold storage will help preserve the fur and prevent it from becoming damaged.