Caring for and Repairing Your Fur Coat

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Fur coats, fur capes, and other luxury furs can be valuable keepsakes and family heirlooms if they are properly cared for. To preserve the lifespan of your furs and maintain their value, you will want to have them cleaned and repaired regularly, and take care of them while wearing or storing them. If you own furs in Chicago , read on for a few important tips.

Take Care When Wearing Your Furs
While you must exercise care in storing and cleaning your furs, you should also take care when wearing them. Do not Caring tips for a fur coat wear the strap of your bag over your shoulder when wearing your fur coat or fur cape, as the strap will create a bald spot. Do not wear your fur coat if you know you will be seated for a long period. Remove the coat and hold it in your lap, or hang it up in a closet or on a coat rack.

Do Not Contaminate Your Fur With Products
Hair spray, lotion, perfume, and makeup can cause a lot of damage to your furs. They may contain harsh chemicals and oils that can affect the natural oils in the furs that help preserve them. If you regularly wear beauty products, try to stop your fur from coming into contact with your skin by wearing a scarf and gloves.

Find a Professional to Clean, Repair, and Store Your Furs
Do not attempt to clean, dry, or repair your furs yourself. A professional fur repair shop will expertly clean and repair your furs. If you wear your furs in heavy rain or snow and they become very wet, bring them to a fur repair shop as soon as possible to have them dried and cleaned professionally. Always have your precious furs cleaned by a professional fur cleaner at least once a year, and store your furs in a fur cold storage facility in the warmer months.