Questions to Ask about Fur Storage

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Placing your furs in fur storage is one of the best ways to ensure that your costly furs last a lifetime or even longer. When the weather is too warm to continue wearing your fur coats, preserve them by storing them in a fur cold storage facility. The longer your fur garments remain in cold storage, the longer they will last. If you own luxury furs and are interested in learning more about fur care, read the information below and contact a company that provides fur cold storage in Chicago .

Why Is Cold Storage Necessary?
The natural oils found in fur coats help preserve the fur by keeping it soft and supple. As the weather gets warmer or as the level of humidity in the air changes, these natural oils can begin evaporating. This can result

Questions to ask about fur storagein your fur coats becoming brittle and dehydrated. Cold storage will slow down the evaporation process of these natural oils, preserving your fur coats and garments.

What Must Your Cold Storage Facility Have?
A fur cold storage facility should maintain a temperature between 45 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. The facility must also offer humidity control. Air that is too dry will cause your furs to dehydrate, and air that is too humid will cause your fur coats to rot. The cold storage facility should maintain a humidity level of 45 to 55%. The facility should also be free of bugs and animals, and should have minimal UV light exposure in the storage areas and an excellent security system.

Where Can I Find an Authorized Fur Storage Location?
Your furrier likely has an authorized cold storage facility. It may be in a different location than their storefront. Consult with your furrier about their cold storage options and arrange to visit the facility. Many fur storage facilities also provide fur repair and restoration. If your furrier doesn’t have a fur storage facility, they should be able to direct you to a reputable one. At Andriana Furs our cold storage is on-site and we do not require appointments for pick up in the Fall or dropping off in the spring!