Breaking Down the Basics of Fur Storage

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If you own luxury furs in Chicago , you understand the importance of finding a fur cold storage facility. Properly storing your furs in the warmer months is essential to preserve their lifespan and make sure that they remain undamaged. Continue reading for some valuable information on fur storage.

Cold Storage Is Important
Fur contains natural oils that help preserve it by keeping it soft and supple. Warmer weather and humidity can cause Importance of cold storage these natural oils to break down. This will make your furs brittle and dehydrated. A fur storage facility should offer cold storage, as cold air slows the evaporation process of the natural oils. This will help keep your furs soft and supple, and will preserve their lifespan and their appearance.

Storage Facilities Must Offer Climate Control
As mentioned above, your furs must be in a cold environment to preserve them. The temperature in your fur cold storage facility must consistently remain between 45 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity control is also crucial, as dry air will dehydrate your furs. An environment that is too humid can also rot your furs and make them moldy and musty. Your fur storage facility should maintain a humidity level between 45% and 55%.

Security Is Essential
Your fur cold storage facility should be secure and safe in many ways. The facility should be bug-free and vermin free. Moths and other vermin can chew and damage fur, or make nests out of it. The facility should also have no UV light exposure, as that will cause your furs to fade and dry out. Additionally, the facility must have an excellent security system, locked storage vaults, and an anti-theft alarm. Andriana Furs has secure temperature and humidity controlled on-site storage vaults and we offer fur cold storage for customers, regardless of where your fur was purchased.