Exploring Common Fur Repairs

Learn about common fur repairs

Even with the utmost care, your luxury furs will eventually need repairs. It is important to always visit a professional fur repair shop to fix any damage to your furs, as trying to repair them yourself can decrease their value and even result in more damage. Fur repair shops in Chicago can also do professional fur restoration, fur alterations, and fur coat restyling.

The most common fur repairs are for rips and tears. These can generally be avoided if you take special care while wearing your fur garment. Do not sit on your fur for long periods of time, and when you do sit down while wearing a fur coat, lift it up slightly as you sit to avoid causing an armhole tear. Never sit down in your fur while it is fastened closed as that will pull the fur and could result in damage.

Another common repair is restoring fur that has been rubbed off by excessive wear and tear. Sitting on your coat for long periods of time, wearing a shoulder bag whose strap rubs against the fur, and wearing accessories on your fur coats such as pins and brooches can all cause bald spots on the fur. Storing your furs improperly can also cause them to become dehydrated, which will result in hair loss from the pelts.

Learn about common fur repairs

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