How to Keep Your Fur in Top Condition

There are many benefits to owning a beautiful fur coat or fur trimmed garment or accessory. However, there is a level of responsibility that comes with owning fur. With some special attention and care, you can keep your prized furs shining and luxurious for years. If you are thinking of buying a fur coat in Chicago, here is what to expect when it comes to keeping your fur in top condition .

Professional Fur Cleaning
Real furs do not get dirty the same way garments made of synthetic

Learn how you can keep your fur in top conditionfabrics do. You won’t need your fur washed after each wearing. However, your fur will still build up dust and small particles of dirt or debris, and your fur coat will be damaged if you try to wash or dry clean it yourself. Therefore, it is important to seek the help of a professional fur cleaning service. It can take some time and money to keep your furs clean, but it will be well worth it. The investment to store, clean and maintain your furs is a fraction of the cost of repairs or replacement.

Fur Repairs
Even when handled with the utmost care, furs will eventually sustain wear and tear. It is a good idea to look over your fur every so often to look for tears or damaged spots. This way, you will be able to catch any damage early on while it can still be easily repaired. Have caution while wearing your fur and be aware of things around you that may cause harm to your garment. Avoid causing stress to the fur by wearing bags with straps or sitting on the garment for too long and making sure you unfasten it if sitting down.

Regular Care
Never hang your fur coat from a wire hanger, and instead opt for a sturdy, broad hanger. This will help keep the shape of the shoulders and prevent stress to the fur. Never store your fur in a garment bag, as this can keep air from circulating and cause dryness or mold. Avoid contact with hairsprays or perfumes while wearing your fur garment, because chemicals and oils can cause harm to the fur.