The Surprising Benefits of Fur Ownership

Benefits of owning a fur

Wearing fur coats is a great way to stay warm and stylish in the cold weather of Chicago. But owning fur capes or fur coats in Chicago is about more than just fashion and status. Owning and wearing fur is something to be done proudly. There are many benefits to owning fur that you might not have thought about before.

When you wear an exquisite fur from Andriana Furs, not only do you get to experience the luxury, but you also get the benefit of knowing your fur is ethically sourced. No endangered species are used for our fur garments, and fur hunting and trapping are highly regulated. Additionally, no part of an animal used for fur is wasted. Excess animal by-product is used to make items like soaps and cosmetic products. Purchasing furs helps keep wildlife populations at acceptable levels, and reduces wildlife damage to livestock and other human property. Fur trading is one of the world’s oldest cultural and trade practices. Fur sales contribute to international business and trade, and help to support families that farm or hunt North America.

Benefits of owning a fur

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