What Can Happen to Your Fur If It Is Improperly Stored?

Now that winter is over, it is time to store your fur coat away for next year. As an owner of luxury furs in Chicago , you know the importance of proper storage for the longevity of your furs. Because damage to fur is difficult to reverse, it is a good idea to know what can happen to furs if they are not stored correctly. Continue reading to find out more.

Dry or Moldy Fur
Moisture is an important element when it comes to storing fur. Storing your fur coats and garments at home is not Luxury Furs in Chicago advised, due to the lack of humidity control. If the humidity in the storage area is too low, the leather the fur is attached to could dry out. Fur can then begin to fall out and leave bald patches in your garment. Low moisture levels can also cause your fur coat to become brittle. If the moisture levels are too high, the leather could grow mold.

Fur Deterioration
Fur is a natural product and will inevitably begin to break down. If a storage area is too warm, the heat could encourage the fur to break down even faster. A storage place between 45-55 degrees is advised because cold temperatures will slow down the deterioration process. Cold temperatures are also ideal for storage because many pests cannot survive in them.

Damage by Insects
Improper storage of fur pieces can lead to decomposition by bugs and rodents. Moths and other insects are bad news for fur coats. Moths can get into your fur, leaving visible holes. The larvae of insects like clothes moths, mites, and carpet beetles can eat through your furs. Some luxury fur owners think a solution to this problem may be storing the coat in a plastic bag. This is not a good idea, because plastic will smother the fur and encourage mold growth.