• Why You Should Insure Your Valuable Fur

    If you own valuable luxury furs, such as fur capes, fur accessories, or fur coats in Chicago , you should insure them. Insuring your luxury furs will protect your investment should your furs become lost, damaged, or stolen. A fur sales expert or fur storage facility can recommend a reputable insurance company that will insure your furs and protect your investment. Here are some of the benefits of insuring your luxury furs. Insure your valuable fur today

    Homeowner’s Insurance Doesn’t Always Cover Losses

    While you may have a decent homeowner’s or home renter’s insurance policy, it won’t necessarily cover all of your valuables. It may not also offer a payout if your fur coat or fur accessories are damaged in a fire or flood. Your insurance agent should be able to add a rider to your existing homeowner’s or home renter’s insurance policy that will include your fur coats and other luxury furs. You will need to get your furs appraised by a professional appraisal company that specializes in furs. This ensures that your insurance company knows the exact value of your luxury furs in the event that they are irreparably lost or damaged.

    Protect Your Investment Against Loss, Theft, and Damage

    Luxury furs are an investment, as they can last a lifetime with proper care, such as fur storage, fur repairs and fur restoration. Many families choose to hand their fur coats down from generation to generation. For this reason, you should protect your luxury furs from loss, theft, and damage, the way you would with any other investment. Insurance guarantees that you will receive the cash value of your luxury furs if they are stolen, or if they become damaged in a flood, fire, or other disaster.

    When You Should Insure Your Fur

    As a fur owner, you know the importance of fur cold storage and annual cleaning and conditioning in maintaining the health and beauty of your luxury furs. You should insure your furs at the time of purchase so your investment is protected from the start. This will protect you from loss or damage so you can enjoy wearing your beautiful fur without worry.

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  • Ways to Repurpose Older Furs

    If you own luxury fur coats that have seen better days, you may be able to repurpose them or recycle them to allow you to still enjoy them. When fur repairs and fur restoration in Chicago are unsuccessful, there are a few different ways that you can let your fur coat live on. Keep reading for some creative ways to repurpose older furs. Fur repairs and fur restoration

    If you have a luxury fur coat that still has long, luxurious fur and only minimal damage, you can take it to a fur remodeling or fur restoration expert. It’s possible that fur coat alterations or fur coat restyling can turn it into a shorter, more casual fur coat that you can continue to wear. Fur remodeling may allow a fur restoration expert to transform a fur coat into a stylish fur cape, fur jacket or some type of fur accessory, such as a fur headband, fur muff, fur collar or fur cuffs.

    If your fur coat isn’t long or large enough to be restyled into a new fur garment, there are still other options. You can ask your fur restoration expert to harvest the usable fur so that you can create a beautiful fur rug, fur throw, or fur pillows for your home.

    Andriana Furs is a full service salon that can restyle and/or resize your beautiful fur so that you can enjoy it again. Another option is to trade your old fur in for a new Andriana Fur!

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  • A Look at Classic Fur Styles

    A good quality fur is durable and timeless. Fur is a wonderful option to show off your high-end, luxurious style, as many fur styles are considered classic. If you are interested in what the classic styles of Chicago furs are, look on.

    When one thinks of fur, one can’t help but to think of a fur coat. They signify elegance and beauty. A Stroller is a classic fur coat style that refers to a mid-thigh length fur coat. Another classic style is the Mid-Calf style, also called a Short Coat. This coat is mid-calf length and perfect for a man or woman. A 7/8 length coat hides 7/8 of the outfit you choose to wear, meaning you can leave a bit for your viewer’s imagination. The Full Length fur coat is a fur coat that flows all the way to the ankle. It is perfect for a romantic night out and for maximum warmth. This classic style will make you feel like a movie star.

    Classic fur for styles

  • A New Fur for Every Season

    Throughout history, many have thought fur is only acceptable for formal occasions. Luckily, this is not the case. Fur can be found on runways year round from Milan to New York. They are being showcased as a wearable that should be in every closet. If you are used to thinking that fur is just for formal events during the winter season, it’s time to reconsider. Read on to learn about how Chicago furs can —and should be —worn during every season of the year.

    Think Cashmere
    There are a variety of ways one can incorporate a fur into his or her wardrobe throughout the year. A stylish cashmere Fur for every season piece can add comfort and beauty to your closet. Cashmere is perfect for a cooler summer evening, even for spring or fall, and comes in wraps, capes scarves, and other cuts allowing you tons of options. Incorporating cashmere into your closet will allow you versatility, as it is perfect for all seasons.

    Accessorize with Fur-Trim
    Upscale fur-trimmed accessories can enhance any outfit all year round. If you plan to attend a music festival in the summer, a fur-trimmed bag is a great way to achieve the stylish Boho-chic look. Also, in the fall and winter, fur-trimmed purses, hats and gloves are great way to update your look. Fur-trimmed scarves are another elegant way to bring high fashion into an evening out with friends.

    Lightweight Fur Coats and Vests are Statements
    Wearing a lightweight, rabbit fur overcoat out to brunch in the spring or fall will make you stand out and show you have great taste. There are a variety of lightweight fur coats that can be worn during both warm and cool months of the year. Also, a fur vest can bring to life a sleek jeans and tee outfit. Vests can be worn year round, as there are many types to choose from. Whether it be cashmere, fur-trimmed accessories, or a lightweight fur coat, bringing fur into your wardrobe year round will show the world how stylish and luxurious you are.