A New Fur for Every Season

Fur for every season - Thumb

Throughout history, many have thought fur is only acceptable for formal occasions. Luckily, this is not the case. Fur can be found on runways year round from Milan to New York. They are being showcased as a wearable that should be in every closet. If you are used to thinking that fur is just for formal events during the winter season, it’s time to reconsider. Read on to learn about how Chicago furs can —and should be —worn during every season of the year.

Think Cashmere
There are a variety of ways one can incorporate a fur into his or her wardrobe throughout the year. A stylish cashmere Fur for every season piece can add comfort and beauty to your closet. Cashmere is perfect for a cooler summer evening, even for spring or fall, and comes in wraps, capes scarves, and other cuts allowing you tons of options. Incorporating cashmere into your closet will allow you versatility, as it is perfect for all seasons.

Accessorize with Fur-Trim
Upscale fur-trimmed accessories can enhance any outfit all year round. If you plan to attend a music festival in the summer, a fur-trimmed bag is a great way to achieve the stylish Boho-chic look. Also, in the fall and winter, fur-trimmed purses, hats and gloves are great way to update your look. Fur-trimmed scarves are another elegant way to bring high fashion into an evening out with friends.

Lightweight Fur Coats and Vests are Statements
Wearing a lightweight, rabbit fur overcoat out to brunch in the spring or fall will make you stand out and show you have great taste. There are a variety of lightweight fur coats that can be worn during both warm and cool months of the year. Also, a fur vest can bring to life a sleek jeans and tee outfit. Vests can be worn year round, as there are many types to choose from. Whether it be cashmere, fur-trimmed accessories, or a lightweight fur coat, bringing fur into your wardrobe year round will show the world how stylish and luxurious you are.