Ways to Repurpose Older Furs

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If you own luxury fur coats that have seen better days, you may be able to repurpose them or recycle them to allow you to still enjoy them. When fur repairs and fur restoration in Chicago are unsuccessful, there are a few different ways that you can let your fur coat live on. Keep reading for some creative ways to repurpose older furs. Fur repairs and fur restoration

If you have a luxury fur coat that still has long, luxurious fur and only minimal damage, you can take it to a fur remodeling or fur restoration expert. It’s possible that fur coat alterations or fur coat restyling can turn it into a shorter, more casual fur coat that you can continue to wear. Fur remodeling may allow a fur restoration expert to transform a fur coat into a stylish fur cape, fur jacket or some type of fur accessory, such as a fur headband, fur muff, fur collar or fur cuffs.

If your fur coat isn’t long or large enough to be restyled into a new fur garment, there are still other options. You can ask your fur restoration expert to harvest the usable fur so that you can create a beautiful fur rug, fur throw, or fur pillows for your home.

Andriana Furs is a full service salon that can restyle and/or resize your beautiful fur so that you can enjoy it again. Another option is to trade your old fur in for a new Andriana Fur!

If you would like more information about how we can help your fur or acquiring a new fur, please call Andriana Furs at (773) 779-7000 .