How Fur Layaway Works

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If you’re interested in luxury fur sales in Chicago , but don’t quite have it in your budget at the moment, a fur layaway service can help. A fur layaway program allows you to reserve a luxury fur, or put it on hold, with a fur sales expert. You can then make payments on your fur over a period of time. Fur layaway program

A fur layaway program is a valuable thing to consider in the spring, summer and fall, as you’ll have a gorgeous luxury fur waiting for you when the cold winter weather hits. Just visit a fur sales store near you, and pick out a stylish fur coat, fur cape, or fur accessory. You will need to make a small down payment to begin the layaway process.

After your down payment, you simply need to make regular, interest-free payments towards the total value of your luxury fur. The length of your payment term depends upon the guidelines set up by your fur salesperson and the furrier you visit. After finishing your payments, the layaway term is over, and you can pick up your new luxury fur.

Andriana Furs has a huge selection of furs, leathers, shearlings, fur reversibles, fur trimmed cashmeres and fur accessories you can choose from. There is a large variety of styles and sizes to suit anyone’s lifestyle and budget. Put one on Layaway and when winter arrives your warm, beautiful fur or leather will be ready for you to pick up!

If you would like more information about acquiring a new fur, please call Andriana Furs at (773) 779-7000 .