Time to Start Wearing Fur!

It’s time to start wearing fur! The autumn chill is in the air. Now is the time to get your fur scarf which makes a great accessory to your fabric or leather coat or jacket. Or check out some of the latest and greatest fur accessories: The Fur Collar and the Fur Collar/Vest. Fur Collars are available in Mink, Finnish Raccoon, Coyote and many other furs in a variety of both natural and dyed colors. Try a multi-color Fox Collar/Vest. It wraps around your neck to keep you toasty and drapes over your shoulders, and front to just above the waist. It is loose and comfortable for indoor and outdoor wear! It can be worn over a blouse, jacket or coat. You will get lots of wear from this accessory! Andriana luxury furs comfortable for indoor and outdoor wear