How Should I Store my Fur At Home?

Learn how to store fur at home - Thumb

Winter is on its way to the Windy City! It’s time to retrieve your beautiful furs from their summer storage facility. So now you wonder what is the correct way to preserve those precious furs during the winter while wearing them?

First of all, NEVER store your fur in any type of bag, especially plastic. The fur should be hung in a cool closet with nothing covering it so that air can circulate around it. Never hang your coat next to a heat source such as baseboard heat or a radiator. This will “cook” your fur by drying out the pelts and it will deteriorate rapidly.

If you get caught is snow or a rain shower, shake your fur and then hang it in a cool open area to dry out. Should your fur become soaked through with snow or rain, rush it to your local furrier or Andriana Furs where it will receive the professional care needed to save it. Learn how to store fur at home