How to Make Your Fur Work with Your Casual Looks

While some people think that fur coats and fur capes in Chicago can only be worn with formal attire, you can also make luxury furs work with more casual looks. Fur capes and fur accessories are a simple way to wear furs with your everyday outfits, from jeans and sweaters, to skirts and dresses. Short fur coats can always be dressed up or down to match the style of your outfit.

If you want to incorporate luxury furs into your everyday wardrobe, choose classic pieces in neutral colors. Stay away from longhaired furs or longer fur coats, and instead opt for simpler, smaller pieces that will blend in well with your clothing. Fur accessories such as vests, hooded fur coats, fur hats, and fur gloves are casual enough to complement any fashion style.

If you’re looking for a fur coat, choose a shorter fur coat in a casual cut and style. Many fur shops have a variety of contemporary classic and luxury fur coats in casual styles, including shorter coats and sportier styles. A fur sales expert can help you find the perfect fur garment to fit your casual, everyday look. Fur for your casual looks