The Fashionista’s Guide to Wearing Fur

Fashionista’s guide to wearing luxury furs in Chicago - Thumb

Fur coats, fur capes, fur jackets, fur strollers and other fur accessories in Chicago are becoming increasingly popular among the young and fashionable. It isn’t hard to look great when you’re wearing luxury fur, but there are a few things you can do to look unique and fashion-forward. Here is the fashionista’s guide to wearing luxury furs in Chicago. Fashionista’s guide to wearing luxury furs in Chicago

Juxtapose Eras and Styles

Fur coats, fur capes, and fur accessories are available in classic, vintage styles, as well as in more modern and trendy forms. When you pick out a luxury fur, you should choose one that contrasts with your typical fashion style. For instance, if you wear a lot of classic, romantic, or vintage pieces, pick out a fur coat or fur cape in a more modern cut or style to create an interesting and exciting new look. If you tend to wear trendy clothing, choose an elegant, classic fur coat to create juxtaposition with your look.

Buy a Short Fur Coat for Everyday Wear

If you plan on wearing a fur coat regularly, you should choose one that is on the shorter side. Long fur coats are perfect to wear with long, formal dresses, but shorter fur garments are more appropriate and comfortable for everyday wear. You can wear a short fur jackets, fur strollers, and fur 7/8 coats with short skirts and dresses, and shorter furs look stylish with any type of footwear, from oxfords to ankle boots to knee-high boots. Shorter fur garments are also easy to dress up or down, depending upon your needs and personal style.

Look for Unusual and Rare Luxury Furs

As more and more people in your social circle begin wearing luxury furs, you’ll want to find a way to still stand out from the crowd. Start looking at fur shops that carry a wide selection of fashion and classic furs to find unusual and rare furs. Ask a fur sales expert at your luxury fur shop to keep an eye out for chinchilla, rabbit, and fox fur capes, fur coats, and fur accessories like fur scarves, fur muffs, fur flings and fur hats and fur headbands.