Choosing a Flattering Coat Length

Before you hit the seasonal fur sales in search of a new fur coat in Chicago , you should decide which coat length is the most flattering for you. Fur coats are typically available in cropped, mid-length, thigh, and full-length sizes. In general, the length of the fur coat that you choose will depend upon your height and weight. You should always try on any luxury fur coat before purchasing it to ensure that it is the best size and shape for you.

Longer fur coats tend to be more flattering on taller people, or people with long legs. Cropped and mid-length fur coats are flattering for any height. Thigh-length and full-length fur coats are flattering for any body type.

If you live in a particularly cold climate, you should get the longest fur coat possible in order to stay warm during the winter. If you can’t find a fur coat that is the perfect length, you can always visit a fur salon where a professional furrier can alter your fur garment. Choose a full service store that specializes in fur coat alterations, fur coat restyling, and fur remodeling. Coat length