Saving Your Fur from Snow Damage

Protect your fur skin from water and snow damage

Most people who own furs know that there is added care involved to keep furs looking their best. Chicago fur care is particularly important in the winter months that bring freezing rain and snow. Keeping fur dry is important to keeping your fur in excellent condition. If your fur has been exposed to snow, it is important to know what to do to ensure no damage has been done.

In instances of light snow, hanging up your fur—on a wooden hanger, not wire—is usually all that needs to be done to dry off the fur. If your fur is exposed to heavy snow, it is important to get rid of any excess moisture. It is important to always let your fur coat air dry and never expose it to heat. In some cases, your fur coat may need professional fur cleaning after being exposed to a heavy snow. This will help protect the skin from water damage.