The Early History of Fur in Fashion

Learn the history of fur in fashion

If you own fur coats or other luxury furs in Chicago , you might be interested in learning more about the history of fur. Humans first began wearing clothing made out of animal pelts and fur about 170,000 years ago. Since then, fur clothing and fur accessories have become a symbol of wealth, luxury, and high fashion. Here is a look at the early history of fur in fashion. Learn the history of fur in fashion

European Luxury Furs in the 11 th Century

As early as the 11 th century, fur was worn as a symbol of wealth and social status rather than just out of the need for warmth. European royalty regularly wore fur coats, fur capes, and fur accessories made from mink, sable, and chinchilla fur. By the 1300s, laws were introduced that regulated which social classes were allowed to wear which types of furs.

Fur Rose in Popularity During Victorian Era

The fashion industry’s increasing demand for luxury furs lead to the development of fur farms by the 1870s. The fur coats that were worn by Victorian men typically were lined with fur on the inside and crafted of other materials on the outside. Women’s fur coats were generally lined with fur at the collar, wrists, and hem. The use of luxury furs in movies further increased the popularity of fur coats and fur accessories.

By the 1950s Fur Became More Affordable and Casual

By the 1950s, most film stars were spotted wearing luxury furs in movies and in their private lives. While the price of fur began to climb, designers also began creating more casual looks with fur. Fur coats became shorter, and it was acceptable to wear furs during the daytime. By the 1960s, fur was more affordable than ever, and designers even began crafting faux fur coats and accessories.